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Service Conditions of Bank Employees
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Affiliated to:

We are pleased to inform that henceforth our Federation will be affiliated to INTUC and their Banking Wing Indian National Bank Employees Federation. Thus, we joined the mainstream of the Trade Union Movement of the Country and in future would be playing a vital role in the matter of service conditions of Bank Employees

We cordially invite you
to attend
the Confernece of the Federation
on 24th February, 2010
Pearey Lal Bhavan, I.T.O., New Delhi at 5 p.m.
Chief Guests:
Shri Sriparaksh Jaiswal                  Shri K.R.Kamath
          Hon'ble Minister for Coal                    Chairman & Managing Director,PNB
Guest of Honour:
Shri M.V. Tanksale, Executive Director
Shri Nagesh Pyadh, Executive Director
Shri R.K. Dubey, General Manager
Main Speakers:
Shri Subash S. Sawant, General Secretary, INBEF
Shri J.N. Kapur, General Secretary, AIBSA
J. K. Sawhney
General Secretary
Mobile: 09810449701


All India PNB Workers Federation is the only Union heralding the cause of PNB employees in real and true sense. At a time when so called Majority Union operating in  the Bank is ruled and governed  by Retired and Tired leaders and instead of safeguarding the interest of employees have become an agency to fulfill management's aspirations by not raising the issues concerning the employees of the Bank and entering into anti-employee agreements involving conciliation machinery with malafide and bad motive of giving such agreements a binding effect on others. The other Union claiming itself to be the second largest union of PNB Employees has been a silent spectator over the years. It has followed the same leadership style of giving its leadership to weak retired and tired leaders. It only pin points fingers on the majority union in order to exist rather raising its voice and making any significant effort to curb the anti-employee activities of the majority union.




Under these crises situations, All India PNB Workers Federation under the dynamic leadership of Respected J.K. Sahney has taken up the challenge and is fighting tooth and nail to nullify nefarious attempts and bringing success after success. The first decade of its inception has created glorious history in the banking sector.







The AIPNBWF is not afraid to speak out



The AIPNBWF will not manipulate its members for political reasons



The AIPNBWF is there to help and not let down its members  



AIPNBWF does not keep looking into past only and seldom depends on historic departed souls for its survival-it has a vision and it concentrates on challenges of the present and their impact on future of trade union movement.


Operating as a trade union is not easy, but building an effective web site can make a huge difference in increasing responsiveness and employees satisfaction.

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about our Union and various issues confronting the Bank Employees in general and PNB employees in particular and services we provide. We look forward to working with you and improving further to sub serve your expectations.

All India Punjab National Bank Workers Federation

Regd. Office :

Punjab National Bank,

L-Block, Connaught Circus,

New Delhi-110001

Email :



We are proud of  you
J.K. Sawhney Ji
for not only your able leadership but for the courage and conviction with which you  are fighting against anti employee policies and corruption of Top Executives of the bank.